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Rina Wintour Mountjoy Enterprises 
HI! My name is Rina Wintour and my business is called Mountjoy Enterprises.

My current work is with parish groups, liturgy teams, sacramental teams, pastoral associates, parish priests, as well as teachers and religious educators in State and Catholic schools.

My background is in education and I have wide experience in Primary school teaching. I also work with secondary and tertiary students. However the majority of time, I work with adults who are involved in ministry with children, youth, families and other adults.

My qualifications include a Master of Religious Education (Australian Catholic University), a Graduate Diploma in Theology (Sydney College of Divinity), a Diploma in Theological Studies (Brisbane Institute of Faith Education), a Bachelor of Education and a Diploma of Teaching ( both from Mt Gravatt Teachers’ College, Brisbane).
Mountjoy Enterprises was established in 1998 in Brisbane, Australia.

The first book launched was ‘Sacred Celebrations: Liturgies for Children’. It was an instant hit with teachers and children’s liturgy teams who were looking for simple yet creative ways to bring Scripture alive.

Many other publications have followed and are listed on this site.

Through the prayers, liturgies, reflections, plays and dramatic techniques, my aim is to nourish and nurture the religious imagination. I believe God is Mystery. I also believe it is not possible to ‘teach’ Mystery. All we as religious educators or liturgists can do, is to provide experiences and environments in which children and adults are enabled and encouraged to ‘encounter’ the Mystery that we call God.

Many of my books provide ideas, prayers and rituals for use with youth and adults in a variety of contexts: school, liturgy, retreats, kids clubs, youth groups and many others.